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High Altitude Coding Konference Our Mission

High Altitude Coding Konference (HACK) is a registered non-profit 501c3 charity.
All contributions and sponsorship donations are tax deductible.

Our mission is to inform, assist and educate interested individuals who view, or would like to view, software engineering as their craft. HACK desires to enhance the education of members in the programming community. We also desire to provide assistance to other organizations engaged in training and educating disadvantaged, marginalized, or disenfranchised and non-traditional individuals within communities that have traditionally been shut out from opportunities in computer programming, design and languages.

RubyHACK is a Software Engineering conference dedicated to the Ruby Language
and related technologies produced by High Altitude Coding Konference, Inc.


A single-track 2-day event with space for HACKing: collaboration, mentoring, white-boarding, meeting with presenters and whatever makes sense between sessions!


RubyHACK presenters range from first-time speakers to prominent leaders in the development community.
We strive for diversity in this evolving industry and to bring value for beginner through senior engineers.
Our ability to do this depends on you!
Please consider submitting a CFP for the next event.

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