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High Altitude Coding Konference RubyHACK 2019 Presentations

Yukihiro (Matz) Matsumoto
Ruby3 - What's Missing?

Lightning Talks - Day 1
Lightning Talks - 5 minutes sessions

Lightning Talks - Day 2
Lightning Talks - 5 minutes sessions

Gao, Shawnee
GraphQL Migration: A Proper Use Case for Metaprogramming?

Johnson, Jonathan
Modern JavaScript, without giving up on Rails

Mitchell, David
Plan your next move like a chess game

Porter, Benjamin
A Rubyist's Survival Guide to Elixir and Phoenix

Seror, Fernando
The Way of the Mentor

Struve, Molly
Cache is King: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck From Ruby

Sutton, Kelly
Taming Monoliths Without Microservices

Swett, Jason
Using Tests as a Tool to Wrangle Legacy Projects

T, Johnny
A Better Way To Manage Secrets

Weaver, Brandon
Reducing Enumerable - An Illustrated Adventure

Wittwer, Nelson
The Circle of Lifecycle Events

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