A Ruby Developer Conference RubyHACK

High Altitude Coding Konference RubyHACK 2018 Presentations

Berry, Eric
Why Funding Open Source is Hard

Brady, David
Some Truths About Some Lies About Testing

Evans, Jeremy
Ruby Web Application Security Defense in Depth

Hammerly, Aja
4 Programming Paradigms in 45 minutes

Hudgens, Jordan
Machine Learning Microservices in Rails

Jager, Eliza de
Ruby Unblocked

Jardim, Rodrigo
5 ways Git can be used to automate your ruby application deployment

Lasseigne, Aaron
Ruby and Unicode, what could go wr´┐Żng?

Lehman, Mark
Growing a Junior Dev into a Beautiful Coding Butterfly

Sloan, Isaac
You Belong In A Room Full of Wizards

Thompson, James
Interfaces Not Required

Ward, Jeremy
GraphQL on Rails - Creating Living APIs for a Data-hungry World

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