A Ruby Developer Conference RubyHACK 2019
April 4th - 5th, 2019 in Sandy, Utah

RubyHACK 2019 Matz is Coming!

The 2019 RubyHACK Keynote speaker will be none-other than
Yukihiro (Matz) Matsumoto!

Join us to find out what the future has in store for Rubyists!

April 4-5, 2019


High Altitude Coding Konference Announcing This Years Speakers

Yukihiro (Matz) Matsumoto
The Future of Ruby
Come and See! It's a surprise!

Benjamin Porter
A Rubyists Survival Guide to Elixir and Phoenix
You've heard of this "better ruby" before, and it sounds intriguing. It's performant, very scalable, and functional. But, it's a bit weird. It looks a lot like ruby, but there's some big things that are different. Come learn how to survive in the jungle if all you have is Elixir and Phoenix!

Brandon Weaver
Reducing Enumerable - An Illustrated Adventure
Meet Red, a reducing lemur. He loves to use reduce to sum things. With 2.4's sum method he's thinking reduce isn't useful now. Join Red on an adventure in the land of Enumerable as he learns to map, select, find, and more using reduce. If you're new to Ruby and Functional Programming, this is the talk for you.

David Mitchell
Plan you next move like a chess game
The need for developer resources is only increasing and while you may like the next offer you get, you may want to step back and decide if it's really what you want to do. Based on own experience and the experience of others in the field, Dave will share a few ideas on how to make the decision on your next career move.

Fernando Seror
The Way of the Mentor
There are people that are such great teachers that they awaken a special interest in what they teach. When on a team, they add immense value. Join me on this journey to become a great mentor for your peers!

Jason Swett
Using Tests as a Tool to Wrangle Legacy Projects
Legacy projects tend to lack test coverage. Unfortunately, legacy projects are also often written in such a way that it makes it difficult to add tests. A few certain techniques can make it easier to get legacy projects under control.

Johnny T
A Better Way To Manage Secrets
Do you know when your API keys are being used? Do you want to make compliance audits easier? Can you immediately stop rogue apps from decrypting sensitive data (during a data breach)? Come learn how to level up your app security and answer "yes" to these and more.

Jonathan Johnson
Modern JavaScript, without giving up on Rails
In a world of emerging modern JavaScript, is Rails getting left behind? Are server-side MVC applications out and static single page applications in? In this talk I'll describe how we've used webpack(er) and Vue to revitalize our JavaScript approach within an aging Rails application.

Kelly Sutton
Taming Monoliths Without Microservices
In the recent years, microservices have been an investment among many engineering teams as they scale. They are often the default of many new companies. But how has that gone wrong? This talk will dive into how one company of ~100 engineers refined their thinking and their Rails app for the better.

Molly Struve
Cache is King: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck From Ruby
Sometimes your fastest queries can cause the most problems. I will take you beyond the slow query optimization and instead zero in on the performance impacts surrounding the quantity of your datastore hits.. Using real world examples dealing with datastores such as Elasticsearch, MySQL, and Redis, I will demonstrate how many fast queries can wreak just as much havoc as a few big slow ones. With each example I will make use of the simple tools available in Ruby to decrease and eliminate the need for these fast and seemingly innocuous datastore hits.

Nelson Wittwer
Design Patterns for Complex Lifecycle Events
Have you or a person close to you found themselves overwhelmed with the complexities of their lifecycle events (callbacks)? When feature requests for altering the user signup process come in, do they also come with a generous helping of existential dread? Lifecycle events can quickly balloon in complexity and I've got a few design patterns that will help you tackle these feature requests with ease, and you'll look good doing it!

Shawnee Gao
GraphQL Migration: A Proper Use Case for Metaprogramming?
Integrating GraphQL Ruby includes repetitive and straightforward processes that can be metaprogrammed. I will detail metaprogramming a GraphQL API from a demo app and explain the benefits of this design pattern and how it improves developer experience.


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Announcing A New Venue!

Many thanks to OC Tanner for hosting our Venue for the first 2 years. This year we're moving to a new venue a little further south.

The Miller Business Resource Center
at the Salt Lake Community College.
9750 South 300 West
Building MFEC Room 101
Sandy, UT 84070

Announcing Lunch Provided

This year, RubyHACK will be providing box lunches and some improved snacks. We'll have more info as we get closer to April.

If you have suggestions or comments on food choices send us an email at support@rubyhack.com and we'll do our best to coordinate that into our planning.