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Sponsoring RubyHACK

RubyHACK is becoming one of the premier technical conferences in the MountainWest area. We have been presenting the development community with premium content and vital opportunities to network and recruit talent since 2017. Many of our speakers have been established authorities in the engineering field and others have advanced from the RubyHACK stage to major conferences like RailsConf and RubyConf. We are very proud of thier accomplishments and strive to improve our product every year.

Sponsorship opportunities and benefits are broad. We are also open to custom packages and additional opportunites. Please contact us at sponsors@rubyhack.com or fill out our mailing list form (checking the sponsorship box) if you have questions or want to discuss other options.

Sponsorship Opportunities & Benefits

Benefits Ruby Sapphire Emerald
2 Marketing tables in prominent high-traffic location
5 minutes on stage to tell attendees about your company
Premium (Large) Logo Presence and link on Website
Large logo on swag bags
Medium logo on swag bags
250-word company blurb on website sponsor page
1 Marketing table in prominent high-traffic location
Recognition in welcome and announcements
Regular (Medium) Logo Presence and link on Website
100-word company blurb on website sponsor page
Swag Item Placement in Conference swag bags
Prominent signage on screen in event room and at days end
Logo integrated into speaker videos
Conference Tickets 6 3 1
Limited Availability * * *
Sponsorship levels are limited. Space and placement varies depending on level purchased.

Other Ad-hoc Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Meet & Greet Sponsor (Thursday Night)
  • Raffle Prize Sponsor
  • Coffee & Snacks Sponsor (Day 1 and/or Day 2)
  • Swag Items for Swag Bags (pens, water bottles, lanyards, notebooks, frisbees, flash drives etc)

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