Food Choices Near-by

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Name Address
Rusted Sun 2010 State St
Curry in a Hurry 2020 State St
Scone Cutter 2040 State St
Subway 2090 State St
Burger King 61 E 2100 S
Del Taco 23 E 2100 S
Mad Greek 50 E 2100 S
Astro Burgers 2185 State St
Mc Donald's 1533 S State St
Arby's 1650 State St
Grove's Market 1906 Main St
Grinder's 13 1618 State St
Penny Ann's Cafe 1810 Main St
Busy Bee Bar and Grill 2115 State St
Pho Tay Ho 1766 Main St
Big Willies 1717 Main St
El Meño’s Mexican 73 W. 1700 S
New Golden Dragon 1716 S State St
Piper Down 1492 S State St
Ho Ho Gourmet 1504 S State St
Mesquite Mexican Grill 1499 S State St
Tosh’s Ramen 1465 State St
Mahider Ethiopian 1465 State St
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