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1930 State Street
SLC, Utah

Date & time

9am - 5pm
20th - 21st
April 2017


250 People
12 Presentors

Presenting our inaugural event, RubyHACK aims to foster knowledge-sharing, innovating and career advancement within our vibrant Ruby community.

Our Mission
Who We Are

An [Array] of Ruby enthusiasts coming together in Salt Lake City on the beautiful OC Tanner campus to share our passion for creating awesomeness.

Event Format
The Format

A single-track conference with space for HACKing: collaboration, mentoring, white-boarding, meeting with presenters, or whatever makes sense between sessions!

FAQ & Info
FAQ and Info

Commonly asked questions about the conference, registration details and things of interest in our local area.

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Come HACK with us and share our love of Ruby, our community and creating great software!

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Utah Geek Events

Utah Geek Events is a 501c3 Non-Profit that holds and partners with large events and conferences here in Utah. We have Kids Code Con in the summers with hundreds of kids and their parents learning about coding. We have run may conferences and competitions including the Big Mountain Data Conference, Intermountain Data Conference, Share Point Saturdays, Data Science for Social Good and Business Competitions and hold the largest technology agnostic conference in the state - Code Camp. We have helped OpenWest, the West Big Data Hub and NDSO out of the Office of Science & Technology Policy and NSF, and many more. We have also helped roughly 3 dozen different Meetup groups over the years.

We cannot put on the RubyHACK event without support from sponsors and the community. The prospectus outlines our sponsorship levels and benefits. This year’s event will bring together Ruby enthusiasts: students, hobbyists and seasoned professionals to network, learn and collaborate. Presentations will be available after the event online to reach more viewers.

We'll have great speakers giving excellent presentations and the venue at OC Tanner is fantastic. All sponsorship support is tax deductible through our partnership with Utah Geek Events which is a 501c3 corporation. Excess funding will be donated to support community programming education in accordance with the UGE guidelines. Gracious sponsorship credit will be given with any donations!

For questions, please call Allen Maxwell at (801) 502-4745 or email us at

Here is the lineup for 2017!

Catherine meyers 2abc878a94e5efa55f3fb6b20082c363817fa7df8dd2b0f5093c320dd8040695

Mozart Could've Been an Engineer - Music + Code
Watch Video

Daniel kehoe f6513266b9134419d1a6a9690bde9ef58c19ee634f5b3c84363479ec84bbb914

Learn to use Rails Composer, a generator for starter apps.
Watch Video

Danielle adams 7e362900bfaf0d9a65a792c124b4dbdd35865032314bdfa02d457470cc5b78a2

Ruby Racing: Challenging Ruby Methods
Watch Video

Dave thomas a6957dc58d6a8970bf2bb04d0447f0619435b2654de4f4cce898a7f2acbc1661

The Future is Function, or, OO is Dead
Watch Video

James thompson d9bf09a5740ffa631dfdc3d9367f9617a1ecd12d573904ac8cb4aaaeb3d65fa5

"Serverless" Ruby on AWS
Watch Video

Mike moore 0cf6655b1439aa9b3501717c4517347ec15c092fdd2eaa2006c5a64a3c7f4573

Leveraging machine learning for awesome
Watch Video

Nelson wittwer 337f3474cb13b517693c0fbbefe6199f1ced7da6f1f964d8331951985d53106a

How To Write Infrastructure as Code
Watch Video

Rob martin ed80b066f7aca4b4dcd899161c051c81bf03b06201f7e93a3dac49f4420b99f0

Functional Programming from Ruby to Elixir
Watch Video

Zenspider 287aee1d0457471a59f7df042e8e198c8af0135515e100267a259482f05fb0ce

Improving Coverage Analysis
Watch Video

Holdy 3496f7478e69c6a4d86b625a2f6f226f5e6bacf9832a9d9cc4c6ccb2b147bfe6

What do you do with a drunken sailor... er.... Jr. Dev?
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Steven mcfarlane 8b9d081c31c40473f55a135f4462f41a4dc122131592b72038cf63c7cf154f93

Watch Video

Yatish mehta 711ade7fe4aa24a01d8315956d3e409a66dcbdc1d5774c742a3a275c76608226

ActionCable and ReactJS tie the knot
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Lightning Talk Gallery

For questions about speaking, please call Allen Maxwell at (801) 502-4745 or email us at

Conference Schedule

Thursday, April 20, 2017

8:00a - 9:00a
Registration & Coffee
9:00a - 9:15a
Welcome & Announcements
12:00p - 1:25p
1:25p - 1:30p
3:30p - 4:00p
Lightning Talks
Sign Up At The Event
5:00p - 5:15p
7:00p - 9:00p
Meet & Greet
Hosted By ChargeBack

Friday, April 21, 2017

8:00a - 9:00a
Coffee & Mingle
9:00a - 9:15a
Welcome & Announcements
12:00p - 1:25p
1:25p - 1:30p
3:30p - 4:00p
Lightning Talks
Sign Up At The Event
5:00p - 5:30p

Our Venue

Oc tanner2 c63e3e2cfd0c13b965216a6885ee103ff020544fbf498850991996b716d2df13

1930 South State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
(801) 493-3000

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