We cannot put on the RubyHACK event without support from sponsors and the community. The prospectus outlines our sponsorship levels and benefits. This year’s event will bring together Ruby enthusiasts: students, hobbyists and seasoned professionals to network, learn and collaborate. Presentations will be available after the event online to reach more viewers.

We have great speakers giving excellent presentations and the venue at OC Tanner is fantastic. All sponsorship support is tax deductible as RubyHACK is now a 501[c]3 charity. Gracious sponsorship credit will be given with any donations!

For questions, please call Allen Maxwell at (801) 502-4745 or email us at

Sponsors Prospectus

2018 Conference Talks

Friday, May 4, 2018

9:15a - 10:00a
Machine Learning Microservices in Rails
Jordan Hudgens
10:15a - 11:00a
5 ways Git can be used to automate your ruby application deployment
Rodrigo Jardim
11:15a - 12:00a
Why Funding Open Source is Hard
Eric Berry
1:30p - 2:15p
Ruby Unblocked
Eliza de Jager
2:30p - 3:15p
Growing a Junior Dev into a Beautiful Coding Butterfly
Mark Lehman
3:30p - 4:00p
Lightning Talks
4:15p - 5:00p
You Belong In A Room Full of Wizards
Isaac Sloan

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